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Our solutions:

Our professional investigative consultants will guide you through every phase of preparing and executing an effective case in either criminal or civil matters. Astute Criminal Investigators will work alongside the Defense Team to identify fact & uncover reasonable doubt.

Who we are....

We are seasoned professionals investigators experienced in managing & investigating sexual abuse cases. Our relationship with Nichols Consulting who are the experienced professionals from a mental health or legal background with decades of experience in bringing about successful resolutions in cases of false allegations of child sexual abuse. Nichols Consulting Founder, Edward Nichols, author of False Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse: The Attorney's Desk Reference, has hand-picked his consultant on the basis of their national experience and effectiveness.

Together, what we offer....

We provide comprehensive services that may include any or all of the following:

    • Initial Case Assessment
    • Interviewing the accused
    • Interviewing the alleged victim (whenever possible)
    • Review & analysis of Discovery/Evidence to develop an investigative  "Plan of Action"
    • Canvassing of neighborhood and or crime scene for witnesses & evidence
    • DNA Testing
    • Formulation of an effective theory of the case
    • Strategy development
    • Analysis of evidentiary issues
    • Analysis and assistance with motion practice
    • Analysis and assistance in formulating a pre-trial strategy
    • Assistance in the cross-examination of adverse experts and factual witnesses
    • Assistance in the cross-examination of the alleged victim(s)
    • Securing and preparing defense or rebuttal experts  
    • Preparation of your factual witnesses 
    • Legal and mental health research   
    • Assistance in the preparation of opening and closing statements
    • Jury selection
    •  Co-Counsel and other trial services

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Astute Criminal Investigations is licensed through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)
California Investigator License #: PI 26978 (prior PI License # 23070)

The Component Method
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Wrongful Death Investigations founder is a CA Licensed Private Investigation Agency located in California. In states or countries where Astute Criminal Investigations has not obtained a license to provide Private Investigation services (where applicable), Astute Criminal Investigations has established strategic partnership with Private Detectives within the continental US & worldwide and will contract investigative & protective services and or refer leads generated from this site to qualified Private Investigators, as needed.
As per professional social worker, psychotherapist and Author, Edward Nichols MSW, LCSW, of Nichols Consulting, Criminal defense cases involving false allegations of child sexual abuse and or sexual assault requires a special burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt whereby it must be shown that:

  1. The alleged victim's testimony is false
  2. Why the false allegations were made, and
  3. how the false allegations were developed

Attorneys who ignore this special burden do so at their client's expense and freedom.

The testimony of adverse experts in these cases is designed to provide an explanation for the inconsistencies and implausibility that normally impeach the complaining witness’s credibility.

Whether in a criminal or civil matter, these cases require specific expertise in developing an effective theory of the case and strategy to facilitate a desirable result. Highly experienced attorneys, without specific experience in many false abuse cases, routinely experience disastrous results.

Unlike other cases, these cases require a proactive posture rather than a defensive posture. From opening to closing statements, the successful attorney must present a proactive case which is mindful of the special dynamics at work in allegations of child sexual abuse.
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