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Criminal Defense Investigations services that Corinthian Group Private Investigators can provide might include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Research 
    • Crime scene searches, documentation and video taped reenactments
    • Canvassing neighborhoods for witnesses, leads and or evidence
    • Locating reluctant witnesses  
    • Obtaining statements and or interviews from witnesses  
    • Photographic and videotaped evidence
    • Mitigation gathering (IE- Background Investigation on witnesses, possible suspects and other possible participants)
  2. Analysis
    • Case Analysis
    • Discovery/Evidence review & evaluation  
    • Physical evidence review & evaluation   
  3. Development
    • Alternate case theories, suspects and their motives  
    • Jury selection and or research  
  4. Consulting
    •   Investigative Consulting

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Criminal defense cases require the necessary burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt. The Defense team must show that:

a) the allegations, testimony and evidence is false or unreliable
b) why the client/defendant is falsely being charged and
c) how the false charges were developed

Criminal defense cases require special care and the confidence in a team of professionals to assist you.

Astute Criminal Investigation's managing investigators have a combined 70 years of law enforcement & investigation experience. ACI Private Investigators have handled everything from minor theft cases, to sexual assaults, to homicides investigations. Founders, Claude & Kim Ammons are Board Certified Criminal Defense Specialist and utilize the Component Method taught by Nationally Recognized Author and Criminal Defense Investigation Instructor, Brandon A. Perron. They have experience in obtaining statements from reluctant witnesses, criminal profiling and mitigating possible damages.

ACI has a multi-racial & multi-gender staff which allows us to utilize the most appropriate Investigator for certain aspects of the investigation. Not every witness is going to open up to a male investigator with a law enforcement background, appearance or vernacular. Female Investigators are great Private Investigators for multiple reasons, but being tenacious, inquisitive & unassuming/non-threatening are the most intangible assets in our opinion. Some witnesses need a woman's touch. Some witnesses will not open up to a Caucasian female Investigator, but they will open up to a Hispanic male’s inquiries. Some investigations will require a man's presence, while others Investigations will require a feminine touch. Rest assured that while our Investigators have their dominant skill sets, they are all more than competent in the many traits needed to be a complete and successful investigator. Our Investigators are trained and are required to excel in obtaining information over the phone & in person, must be knowledgeable in computer research & data mining and proficient in locating people who usually don’t want to be found. Nonetheless, our Investigator’s dominant skill set are always utilized & tailored for each case for maximum results.
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In 2011, there will be a large number of senior citizens reaching the age of retirement and opting to enter the retirement stage of their life. The average age of retirement differs from country to country, but it is generally between the ages of 55 to 70 years of age. With the beginning & end of the official “Baby Boom Generation” being from 1946 to 1964, those born in 1946 will be turning 65 in 2011, thus the opportunity for elder abuse will consistently begin to rise if we don’t proactively address this issue now! There are more adults than in previous decades that will be requiring in-home health care services, retirement homes, nursing homes and other assisted living services. There were 79,000,000 births in the United States during the Baby Boom Generation. Every day, each one of the 79 million, not including those the have illegally or legally immigrated to the US will begin their retirement starting January 1, 2011 for the next 19 years until the year 2030.

According to Elder abuse can be defined as "a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”. The core focus of this definition is the “expectation of trust” of the older person to the abuser. Therefore the general perpetrators of the abuse are individuals, family, friends, neighbors, or attorneys that have a relationship with the elderly person(s) and or are business that are relied upon to service the needs of the elderly person.

However, there are several specific crimes against older adults that fall under the elder abuse definition:

Sexual Abuse – Inflicting any type of non consensual sexual contact on another person.
Physical Abuse – Willfully inflicting physical harm to another person. IE- Punching, slapping, retraining,
    bruising, molesting, etc.
Emotional Abuse – Inflicting psychological, emotional or mental distress on another person. IE- Intimidating,
    threatening, berating or humiliating, etc.
Neglect – The failure or carelessness of a caregiver or guardian to maintain the needs of someone who is
    unable to care for themselves.
Self Neglect – Is a behavioral condition when an individual fails to maintain their basic needs. IE- Personal
     hygiene, food, medical needs, clothing, etc.
Financial Abuse – Self serving acts without proper consent whereby monetary or material exploitations are
     inflicted on another. IE- Unauthorized credit card use, bank withdrawals, , embezzlement by power of
     attorney, significant other swindles, lottery scams, investment & ponzi schemes, identity theft, home repair
     fraud and other financial fraud.
Opportunistic Theft – Theft or burglary committed on those that are easily targeted because they can be
     easily distracted, convinced and or swindled.

Elder abuse has become a widespread a nationwide problem as the Baby Boomers enter retirement age. When seniors are bedridden and or are not publicly visible, senior neglect can be easily concealed and or explained away.

Astute Criminal Investigations investigates crimes against seniors and those with developmental disabilities. These types of cases are very complex that require a level of specialty in order to obtain forensically sound & court admissible evidence that can be used in court if needed. While it is generally our goal to seek criminal prosecution for elder abuse case, most cases are settled out of court to avoid trial. It is imperative that the plaintiff performs a complete and thorough investigation especially in case involving nursing homes and power of attorney abuse. Identifying the statutes that regulate that caregiver and determining if they have been previously cited for violations and what corrective action has been taken if any.

California Penal Code Section 368 states that it is "unlawful" to "harm," "steal or embezzle from, or falsely imprison, an elder or dependent adult." Additionally, the California Welfare and Institutional Code Section 15600-15675 of the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act is a powerful law designed to help prevent neglect of senior citizens that are 65 or older. In California a “Dependant Adult” is anyone from the ages of 16 to 64 that is suffering from physical or mental limitations that restricts their ability to perform normal activities and or to protect their individual rights. Defendant Adults are also individuals between 16 and 64 years of age that has been admitted to a 24 hour health care, intermediate, nursing, chemical dependency, nursing and or psychiatric facility.

With Florida and California being the top destinations for those enter their golden year, senior homes and retirement communities are springing up to address the eventual increased demand by the Baby Boomers. In California, there are many popular retirement cities & communities like, Leisure World in Seal Beach, Walnut Creek, Rossmoor, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Claremont, Hemet and San Diego. Astute Criminal Investigations has an experienced Elder Abuse Investigator near you and throughout California to assist your needs at anytime.

Warning Signs of Senior Abuse or Elder Mistreatment:

• Denied or delayed access to visitors by staff
• Complaints about staff or caregivers
• Unexplained bruises, burns, cuts, broken bones, or unusual activity
• Hygiene issues, weight loss and or missing property especially that of any value
• Unexplained, unnecessary or frequent withdraws and or transfer from back accounts
• Unusual behavior or changes in behavior around certain staff, family members, friends or caregivers IE-
     Increased fear, decreased communication, etc.

What should you do next?

I.    Dial 911 if the case of elder abuse you are reporting or are witnessing is an emergency. The emergency
       professionals and local law enforcement personnel will respond to address the immediate concerns.

II.   Contact a California licensed elder abuse private investigator for a consultation and to have them initiate an
       investigation to discreetly document the facts and obtain evidence that will substantiate the claims of
       abuse before potential evidence can be destroyed or lost.
III. Report the crime to local police department, District Attorney and or the Adult Protective Services
IV. The retention of a private attorney will be warranted…

How can Astute Criminal Investigations help you?

Astute Criminal Investigations conducts elder abuse cases with the utmost expertise and confidentiality. There are many reasons that going into the decision to hire a private investigator and none of them are easy. Nonetheless, we are passionate about protection the rights and liberties of the elderly. Our investigators are experienced, diligent and available 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout California. Were experienced in but not limited to the following types of cases: Forgery, bank account fraud, credit card fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, asset theft & real estate fraud, bank account fraud, credit card fraud, investment fraud, caregiver negligence, physical abuse, emotional/mental abuse, and power of attorney manipulation. Astute Criminal Investigations will recommend the applicable investigation method for your case and will assist you in reporting the abuse to local law enforcement and or the appropriate California Department of Social Services, Adult Protective services office.

Types of services we offer:

• Hidden video surveillance and monitoring systems
• Covert and unobtrusive surveillance
• Documenting and collection of evidence
• Victim & witness interviews
• Database research to determine if a historical pattern of abuse or negligence exists
• Background checks into criminal acts and civil liabilities
• Wellness checks/visits and personal inspections
• Verification of personal information, references and professional experience
• Asset Search
• Forensic Accounting
• DNA Testing
• Computer Investigation & Forensics

Preventative services we offer:

• Background checks & screening services on caregivers, guardians, etc.
• Hidden video surveillance and monitoring systems
• Wellness checks/visits and personal inspections

Astute Criminal Investigations recognize that financial, physical and emotional abuse of senior citizens is a problem expected to reach a crisis status. Be proactive so that potential abuse of your loved ones can be averted. We care! We are here to help you! Call us today for a no obligation consultation and free assessment of your case.
Elder Abuse Investigations