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Brandon A. Perron, National Director of The Criminal Defense Investigator Training Council.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
during a speech on his
moral concern and Injustice.

It was Dr. martin Luther King Jr. who coined the above quote. "Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere!" Although Dr. King was not a Defense Attorney of Defense Investigator, Dr. King understood that Injustice should never be tolerated. In other words, Justice should always prevail regardless of what sides of the Civil Rights or Criminal fence you may have been on at that particular time in American History.

It is with this same passion that ACI / Astute Criminal Investigations holds true to the principles of Justice. Our desire to ensure our clients that we will uncover the truth so that Justice will prevail is unmatched in our profession.

To that end, it is our ability to Uncover Reasonable Doubt wherever it may be so that our clients have a real opportunity of equal protection under the law.

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 Digging up the Truth, to Uncover Reasonable Doubt
ACI has adopted a defense methodology developed by one of the nation's leading defense investigators, Brandon A. Perron. Mr. Perron is the National Director of The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council, an author and well known speaker on the topics of criminal defense investigation strategies and methodologies.

The Component Method methodology developed by Mr. Perron provides Astute Criminal Investigation clients with a reliable, timely and diligent investigative package that they can always depend on. Astute Criminal Investigations has established guidelines for conducting all investigations and will be there to assist counsel during the entire legal process, if needed.

For more specific information about criminal defense investigations and or Astute Criminal Investigations defense investigation methodologies, please click the following link.
Criminal Defense Investigation & Methodologies
   Criminal Defense Investigation
Just the mere thought of someone committing a sex crimes or physical abuse against a child or another person sends most of us into a rage of emotion. Unfortunately, in most cases the same can be said for Law enforcement and or 1st responders on a scene. This overflow of emotion can easily prevent law enforcement from conducting a thorough and unbiased investigation

However, the person who is falsely accused of these types of crimes may never, ever be able to recover from the social stigma associated with their name and family. Even when the falsely accused is completely exonerated, the irreparable damage to ones reputation has been done. We understand the stigma that the accused might be dealing with and will work diligent to help make amends so that the healing process may begin.

To learn more about Sex Crimes Investigation and our expert witness, please click the following link. Sex Crimes Investigation & The Falsely Accused
Sex Crimes Investigations
Private Investigators have a multitude of seldom used investigative resources that can aid a criminal defense team in their efforts to exonerate their clients. The burden of proof lies in the hands of the prosecution, so it is up to the defense team to understand what type of evidence might be needed by the prosecution to obtain a conviction.

Astute Criminal Investigations works collaboratively with your defense team and or can recommend quality counsel to represent your defense needs. It is this team concept coupled with a multitude of investigative resources at our client's disposal that has allowed ACI to experience the type of success that our clients depend on. Sometimes it can be an "Outside the Box" type of investigative resources and or methodology that creates reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors.

Law Enforcement has a decided advantage over the defendant because they have an opportunity to view whatever evidence and or potential evidence there might be days, week and even months before the defense is even apprised that the evidence exist during discovery. Law Enforcement has unlimited resources as well, but has limited man power and hours that can be dedicated to each case. There in lies the main area where most reasonable doubt can occur. The lack of man power and dedication (" sloppy police work") will usually provide the defense team with opportunity to obtain the evidence needed to exonerate their client.

To view a list of our Investigative Services and guidelines used for conducting Criminal Defense Investigations, please click the following link. Criminal Defense Investigation Services
Investigation Services

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Criminal Defense Investigations
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Fraud Investigations
GPS Tracking
Hidden Camera (Sales & Installations)
Homicide Investigations
Identity Theft Prevention
Infidelity Investigations
Inmate Statements & Interviews
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Intellectual Property Investigations
Interviews & Interrogations
Loss Prevention
Matrimonial Investigations
Minority Investigations (Surveillance, Statements & Interviews)
Missing Heir locates
Missing Persons Investigations
Personal Protection
Phone Breaks/CNA (Customer Name & Address)
Political Investigations
Pre-Employment Screening
Pre-Marital Investigations
Process Service
Search and Seizure Investigations & Consulting
Security Cameras & Diagramming
Security Consultation
Sentencing Investigations
Sex Crimes Investigations
Skip Tracing
Stalking Prevention & Suppression (create definition)
Statements (Audio & or Video)
Suicide Investigations
Surveillance Equipment
Trademark Infringement Investigations
Theft Investigation (Interviews & Interrogations)
Tenant Screening
Use of Force Investigation & Consultation
Utilities Break/CNA (Customer Name & Address)
Undercover Investigations
Unlawfully Detained and or Falsely Arrested Investigations
Witness Investigations
Workers Compensation Investigations
Wrongful Death Investigations
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Astute Criminal Investigations is licensed through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS)
California Investigator License #: PI 26978 (prior PI License # 23070) founder is a CA Licensed Private Investigation Agency located in California. In states or countries where Astute Criminal Investigations has not obtained a license to provide Private Investigation services (where applicable), Astute Criminal Investigations has established strategic partnership with Private Detectives within the continental US & worldwide and will contract investigative & protective services and or refer leads generated from this site to qualified Private Investigators, as needed.
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Civil Rights Investigation
ACI's investigative professionals prime objective is to provide justice and superior investigative services for individuals whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement and or others...

ACI Investigators understand how imperative it is to quickly and persistently pursue all potential evidence.

Our diligence & perseverance to secure admissible evidence will provide the attorney with the much needed ammunition to fire the shots, which can lead to the client being vindicated and financially compensated for the pain & suffering they endured.

To learn more about Civil Rights Investigations, click the following link. Civil Rights Investigations

"  Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere! "

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